What is a roll hack?

A roll hack is where the user influences the number that is 'randomly' selected when they type /roll.

From a previous WoWWiki entry:
"Roll hacking is a term used about tampering with rolling. Blizzard has explained that roll hacking is not (or at least shouldn't be) possible because of the way rolling is implemented: When the user writes "/roll", a query is sent to the server, which then chooses a random number. In the case of rolling for items (when in a party), the server furthermore enforces that no more than one roll is allowed per item. Since the game client has nothing to do with the chosen numbers, a hack on one users computer cannot influence the outcome of the roll.

There has, however, been stories circulating the net involving roll hacking. These stories are probably no more than pranks... or it just happened to be some very (un)lucky rolls."

...or so the stories would have you believe.

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